If you are ready for an exhilarating workout with a knowledgeable instructor who customizes the routines to your needs and abilities, then Susie’s Da Vinci Bodyboard classes and Pilates are for you! Susie’s classes build core strength while having fun; the time flies by. Her verbal instructions with visual references make every exercise understandable to both novice and experienced participants. Exercising is no longer a chore; it is the highlight of my week.

Debbie - Glenview, IL

Highly recommend Susie. Had some injuries after years of working out – Susie got me interested in taking care of myself again. She is an expert teacher and passionate about keeping her clients bodies strong.

Todd - Lincolnshire, IL

I have  experience many types of workouts and I thought I knew all about exercise. Then I tried a class in Da Vinci Board with Susie Miller and it changed my thinking and my body! It’s a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and endurance training.  You move on the board using a variety of bands attached all around your board to help you get the greatest benefit out of the exercises. You move correctly, feel energized, and don’t hurt yourself with the aid of the props and Susie’s guidance. It’s also a lot of fun and I feel stronger and more flexible afterward. I highly recommend trying Da Vinci Board with Susie Miller.

Sharyn-Skokie, IL

Da Vinci is a workout you actually look forward to and it’s fun!  Not only is it a great full body workout your entire body feels amazing when you are finished.  It’s a great addition to other workout routines or on it’s own!

Kim-Highland Park, IL

Susie Miller and Da Vinci bodyboard training has added far more than the perfect exercise regimen to my weekly routine.  Twice per week participation has also improved my overall sense of well-being and attitude.  Susie is constantly seeking information from me to better understand my training goals, wants and needs and adjusts her style to help me progress. She is careful, observant and MOTIVATING. Susie pushes me to achieve my fitness goals beyond what I would do on my own, but while doing so, makes the workouts interesting and fun. The hour always seems to fly by.

Robin-Buffalo Grove, IL

The Da Vinci Bodyboard workout with Susie is life changing. I love it! It’s the first group exercise class, I always look forward to going to. It’s the best way to start the day. I’m on a natural high after I leave Susie’s class. If you want to get in shape and have fun, I strongly suggest the Da Vinci Bodyboard workout. I recommended the class to several of my friends, and they all love it. After only a few classes I could see and feel the difference. Susie is a great instructor– she is attentive, inspiring and gives great direction and options to get the most out of a workout, even with the adjustments. I’m a huge fan of the workout and of Susie’s. It’s a winning combo!

Amy - Chicago, IL

I have been doing a weekly Da Vinci Body Board workout for over a year. It is by far the most comprehensive 30 minute workout I have ever done. It builds core strength, muscle tone and strength, and has improved my balance tremendously. It is high energy, never repetitive, and a great way to work up a sweat!!! Susie’s ability to tweak a workout around injuries, sore spots, or weaknesses is unparalleled. Do yourself and your body a favor, get to a Da Vinci Body Board workout now!!!

Carol - Deerfield, IL

I’m a 64 year old male cyclist and runner and I practice and teach the martial art aikido.  I am hooked on the Davinci Bodyboard program taught by Susie Miller.  I drive a half hour from Skokie to take these classes.  There’s plenty of exercise programs closer to home, not to mention the health club I already belong to.  But the Davinci Bodyboard is unique.  It’s helped me regain much lost strength, agility and flexibility without over stressing the joints, and practically eliminated the aches and pains I’ve accumulated over the years.  Susie Miller is an excellent teacher.  I’m glad her new studio is a little closer to Skokie!

Eddie-Skokie, IL

I stand taller after working with Susie.  She is a skilled athlete, teaching thoughtfully with a huge sense of fun.  Susie has passionately worked to make me feel better, once I felt good and using her abundance of fitness knowledge we worked on strength, balance. and sculpting muscles.  Her warm spontaneous dedication set me up for a long term commitment to her Da Vinci High intensity interval training and private pilates lessons.


Judy-Lincolnshire, IL